Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vaseegara | Minnale

One of my favourite translations, done on request, many moons ago! :) 

Film: Minnale Music director: Harris Jeyaraj
Lyrics: Thamarai Singer: Bombay Jayashree

vaseegaraa en nenjinikka un pon madiyil thoonginaal poadhum
adhae kaNam en kaNNuRanga mun jenmangaLin aekkangaL theerum

Oh entrancer! 

My heart skips a beat
when I lie on your lap;
lulled into deep slumber,
yearnings from my past lives
die at your feet, in an instant. 

naan naesippadhum suvaasippadhum un dhayavaal thaanae
aengugiRaen thaengugiRaen un ninaivaal naanae naan
I am learning now to live and love

since you mercifully whispered how
And just a thought of yours
in my mind 
gives birth
to a craving deep within. 

adai mazhai varum adhil nanaivoamae
kuLir kaaychchaloadhu snekam
oru poarvaikkuL iru thookkam
When the rain comes calling

lets drench ourselves, 
till with fevered bodies,
we snuggle together
entwining our sleep
under a blanket

kuLu kuLu poygaL solli enai velvaay

adhu therindhum kooda anbae
manam adhaiyaedhaan edhirpaarkkum
And when you whisper sweet nothings-

winning me over with white lies-
my heart would still skip beats for more

engaeyum poagaamal dhinam veettilaeyae nee vaendum
sila samayam viLaiyaattaay un aadaikkuL naan vaendum

Stay where you are,

in this little nest of mine
I want you here!

And playfully sometimes

underneath your clothes
Let me in! 

dhinam nee kuLiththadhum enaith thaedi
en saelai nuniyaal undhan thalai thudaippaayae adhu kavidhai

Refreshed from a bath

when you grope for my sari ends
to dry your hair
I see poetry there!

thirudan poal padhungiyae dhideer enru
pinnaalirundhu enai nee aNaippaayae adhu kavidhai

Sneaking like a thief

suddenly from behind
when you claim me with a hug
I see poetry there! 

yaaraenum maNi kaettaal adhai sollak koodath theriyaadhae
kaadhalenum mudivinile gadigaara naeram kidaiyaadhae

Time, transient,

escapes earthly terms
in the web of love.


I can give no answers
to those who seek
the meaning of time.

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