Thursday, January 10, 2013

Margazhi Poove | May Madham

(translation done for Lavanya Naidu, who is pure SUNSHINE in spirit!!!) 



Film: May Madham Music director: A.R.Rahman 
Lyrics: Vairamuthu Singer: Shoba


maargazhi poove maargazhi poove unmadi mele oreidam vendum methai mel kangal moodavum illai un madi serndhaal kanavugal kollai maargazhi...

pulveli kandaal muyal pol kuthipen 
naan mattum iravil thanimaiyil nadappen 
nadai paadhai kadayil theneer kudippen 
vaazhkaiyin oru paadhi naan engu rasithen 
vaazhkaiyin maru paadhi naan endrum rasippen 
kaatril varum megam pole naan engum midhappen 

Flowers of the rain,
Shelter me in your lap!
My eyes find no sleep in the soft beds
But I fall into a dreamy sleep
Soon as I find your lap!

Charanam 1

pookkalai pirithu puthagam padippen 

kadar karai manalil kaal vaiththa dhillai 
sudhandhira vaanil parandhadhum illai 
chuda chuda mazhayil nanaindhathum illai 
saalaiyil naanaaga poanadhum illai 
samayathil aanaaga aanadhum illai 
ezhai manam kaanum inbam naan kaana villai 

Between the petals of the flowers I open,
There are books that I read
Over the sprawling green hills
Like a rabbit, in happiness, I hop
In the comfort of the night
I will walk alone
And stop by the corner tea shop
For a sip from a cup
A lifetime I have lived in this one day
A life I have lived, like I have never lived before
Like the clouds afloat in the sky
I will drift along the paths of life today!

Charanam 2

Kaaverik karaiyil nadandhathumillai
Kadarkarai manalil kaal vaiththadhillai
Sudhandhira vaanil parandhadhumillai
Chudach chuda mazayil nanaindhathum illai
Saalaiyil naanaagap ponadhumillai
Samayaththil naanaaga aanadhumillai
Ezai manam kaanum inbam naan kaanavillai

Never have I walked
Along the banks of River Kaveri
Never have my feet kissed
The shores of the sea
I have never spread wings
To take flight into the free sky
I have never got drenched
In the first drops of the summer rain

Never before have I walked

The streets on my own
And at times before
I haven’t even been myself

The unbridled joy of a poor person’s heart

I have never before known, until now!