Friday, May 24, 2013

Kangal Irandaal | Subramaniapuram

Film: Subramaniapuram Music director: James Vasanthan 
Lyrics: Thamarai Singers: Belly Raj, Deepa Miriam

kangal irandaal un kangal irandaal
ennai katti izhuthai izhuthai podhadhene

With your gaze, with those eyes of yours
You strung me towards you
And as if that wasn’t enough,

chinna sirippil oru kalla sirippil
ennai thalli vittu thalli vittu moodi maraithai

Into a trace of your smile, your mischievous smile
You pushed me, hid me and had me entrapped!

pesa enni sila naal
arigil varuven

Some days with a desire to talk
I would seek you and inch close

pinbu parvai podhum enanaal
ninaipen naguzhvene maatri

And on second thoughts
I slip away-
A mere glimpse of you
Was enough!

kangal ezhudhum iru kangal ezhudhum
oru vanna kavidhai kaadhal daana

Eyes write, do two eyes write
A hued scrawl of poetry named love?

oru varthai illaye idhil osai illaye
idhai irulilum padithida mudigiradhe

Not of words, nor of sounds-
This poem that could be read
Even in the shroud of darkness!

iravum alladha pagalum alladha
pozhudhugal unnodu kazhiyuma

Could I spend that hour with you?
When morning and night
Have their dusky tryst?

thodavum koodatha padavum koodatha
idaiveli appodhu kuraiyuma

And in that hour will this distance
where I can neither touch nor claim you
disappear between us?

madiyinil saindhida thudikudhe
marupuram naanamum thadukudhe
idhu varai yaaridamum solladha kadhai

I throb to sink myself into your lap
But bashful, I refrain-
And till now it remains
A story of love, untold!

(kangal irandaal)

karaigal andaatha kaatrum theendatha
manadhukkul eppodho nuzhaindhitai

Neither waves could caress,
Nor could the breezes tease
Yet into this heart,
when did you enter?

udalum alladha uruvam kolladha
kadavulai pol vandhu kalandhitai

Without refuge in a body
Unfashioned into a form
Like God, you seeped within!

unnai indri ver oru ninaivilla
ini indha oon-uyir enadhillai

Apart from you,
No stray thought crosses my mind
From here on this body, this spirit
Belong no more to me

thadaiyilai saavilume unnoda vara
And unfettered even by death
I shall always walk by your side

(kangal ezhudhum)
(kangal irandaal)

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